Sunday, February 19, 2012

Figuring it out!

Have you ever had so many things going that your excitement won't let you rest? Well I've gotten passed that part and now I'm just enjoying watching the online boutique come together!

I've managed to create a website that I am proud of (thank God for a template)! You're welcome to check it out and post comments on my blog.

I am also really happy with the merchandise that I am selling. I managed to make some really good contacts while in New York and the shipments have been coming in regularly with merchandise that I am loving! So far I have received great responses from those that have made purchases locally. I also received my first online order in yesterday! YYYEEEAAAAAAA!!!! I'm figuring things out and I'm having the most exciting time doing it! I always say that it's not the final destination, but the journey that puts everything into perspective!

By the way, my favorite accessory this week is a two-tone costume bracelet with pear-shaped crystal tips.

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