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I know Halloween is near, but it shouldn’t be a sweater that frightens you! If you don’t where sweater for one of the following reasons, this blog post is for you!
1.       It makes me look fat.
2.       I cannot wear a coat with it and feel comfortable.
3.       It is too bulky.
4.       It does not wash well and often shrinks.
5.       I would rather dress in layers.

Guess what? If you use ANY of these excuses as reasons why you have not or would not purchase a sweater, I suggest you stop right now. The crew neck ugly Christmas sweater with the cinched waistband is not your only option! Why miss out on adding this piece to your wardrobe because you’ve had a bad experience? This goes without saying, but I am going to say it ANYWAY… “BUY FOR YOUR BODY TYPE, NOT THE MODEL WEARING IT.”
It is so common for us to compare ourselves to someone else, but what’s worse is comparing yourself to someone with a dissimilar shape as yours. I am 5 ‘9’ and I would not dare wear a dress to work that is modeled by someone 5’6’. I doubt think that my colleagues want to see the inside of my thigh when I sit down at the conference room table for a meeting. The same goes for sweaters. Why by a thick crewneck sweater that cinches at the waist if you are 5’9’, over 200 lbs., and have a cup size of D or better? Of course you are going to be uncomfortable! The assortments of sweater styles today are endless. I use myself as an example, because I can relate. Regardless of the season, my sweaters are always lightweight, cardigan style…and in play!

Do not judge a sweater by its cover! Just because it’s thin does not mean that it is made out of a variation of cotton that isn’t quality or warm. Your selection can range from lightweight cashmere to a linen-like cotton. Depending on what county, state or province you live in, the weather will dictate how warm you need to dress. For the purposes of this blog post, I am going to provide you with a few sweater shopping tips, that I adhere to and that I recommend for those with sweater issues.

1.       If you are a shorter woman:

a.       Bypass sweaters that fall below the hip. Caveat…if you are wearing a sweater dress, DO NOT put pants on up under it! Opt for some sexy pantyhose and knee or thigh boots to give you some length. You could possibly pull off knit pants, but you do not want to run the risk of looking or feeling bulky around the waistline.

b.      Turtlenecks look great on almost anyone (with blingy stud earrings! I normally rock my #Honora 10mm button stud earringsJ... Tangent!). Anyway, if you have a shorter neck…PASS! Opt for a V-neck style.

2.       If you are an average height (taller than 5’4’, but shorter than 5’9’): You can almost wear any style sweater and look GREAT!

a.       I caution any woman about buying the shorter waist sweaters that even look boxy on the hanger! I personally don’t want to look like a square box, but I have seen many women that look great in them. We must be honest with ourselves and say no if the style isn’t complimentary for our figure. If your waistline isn’t want you want it to be…PASS on the short waist sweaters.

3.       And if you are 5’9’ or taller…like me…:

a.       We have the gift of length on our side! (I still caution you about the short waist sweaters…lol). We can sweaters of mostly any length.

b.      Consider the length of your sweater when you select which coat you wear for the day. When opting for a more conservative look, your sweater length should not exceed that of your coat. It’s okay if you going to the ball game and your throwback is longer that your team jacket. (We can talk about coat lengths next month).

c.       Make sure that if you wear a sweater that cinches or gathers at the waistline, that it ACTUALLY REACHES YOUR WAISTLINE!!!!!! No one wants to see you belly button when you raise your arms to scratch your head! LMBO!!! (Being lengthy has its challenges).

Lastly, any type of top can be worn with a sweater. YES, I SAID ANY! That only means is you have to select the right sweater for the look you are trying to achieve, the level of warmth desired, and comfort required. You could easily put a cardigan sweater over a thin cashmere crewneck sweater and still put a coat on top (if you’re in Canada! LOL). All I am saying is enjoy this garment! Buy cardigans with patterns and of different color variations to pair with solids or other patterns. Your look is a reflection of how you feel about you. Let your light (and your sweater) shine so bright that it reflects on others.
These are just a few tidbits of information that I wanted to share. If you have your own, please share them by commenting on this post. We love to get our readers engaged.

By now you should have your fall and winter wardrobe just about complete for 2014/2015. If you passed up that sweater you’d been eyeing because you weren’t sure about it, give it shot. Remember, thinner and lighter fabric sweaters are easier to layer and can be worn year-round. You know A Classy Closet is ALL about timeless and transitional pieces that provide endless style regardless of the season.

Post pics of your favorite fall items! We love you and wish you a warm fall and winter season!
Until next time…keep it Cozy and Classy! (wink)

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Friday, August 1, 2014

It’s Never Too Early to Start Planning….

It’s Never Too Early to Start Planning….  

YYYYYAAASSSSS!!!!! Summer is here, but Fall/Winter 2014 is on the way! That’s right, I said it. I am not trying to being a kill joy, but I do want you to know that unless you are replacing Spring/Summer pieces worn out this year for next year, you SHOULD NOT be purchasing spring/summer clothing at this time. I will caveat that and say that all of my Cali Chicas and West Coast Beauties get the luxury of rocking the summer gear long after the rest of us have added that staple cardigan or jacket to our daily ensemble. I don’t want to leave anyone out, so if you live in a country that experiences an excess of 4 months of summer weather, STOCK UP ON SAVINGS FROM SUMMER SALES in the states!!!! The savings definitely outweighs the postage (wink).
We are going to cover a couple of topics this month: (1) Taking advantage of end-of-season sales and (2) getting a cutting edge on trends that others aren’t prepared grab!

Let’s start with taking advantage of end-of-season sales. I used to be one of those girls that would get dressed to the nines to spend my last dime in the name of that 4 letter word – S.A.L.E. I also used to think that I wasn’t shopping unless I had more bags than I could carry. And I certainly wasn’t the shopper that would place all of my smaller bags into the larger one, because hey…EVERYBODY had to see that I had been to Tiffany’s and picked up a new piece. BLAH, BLAH, BLAH…Thank God for maturation!
Shopping is so not about the brand names, shopping malls and you guessed it…THE FLASHING SALE SIGNS! Shopping is all about you! If you weren’t at the center of every designer’s and retailers thoughts, they would not spend countless resources trying to woo you. Your needs and desires should guide your selections.

Are you someone who thinks that you are too busy to bother with coupons? Stop cheating yourself! I am not a proponent of store credit cards, but if you have them, take advantage of the rewards that come with them. The amount of interest that you are paying to have the card should be enough of an incentive to get back what you can, especially if the store is one you frequent while on the shopping trail. I am challenging you to find coupons for the stores you frequent and make a list of sales that will be going on!
Let’s move on to replenishing those items that you are getting the most wear out of this summer. Tanks and camis are items that should be replaced each year, along with your undergarments…NO EXCEPTIONS. Sidebar: I know you have read many articles that encourage women to look just as sexy under their clothing as they do in their clothing. It makes a difference. If you think you have a sexy walk in heels and tight jeans, you should check yourself out in a matching bra and panty coordinate or just a sexy bra if you’re truly daring (a personal fav) – wink. Okay, back to the subject at hand! You have your coupons, dates and time of upcoming sales so now we need to figure out what to purchase. Here goes:

1.     Tanks & Camis (which we’ve already established)

2.     Sandals

3.     Maxi Skirts/Dresses

4.     Swimsuits and Cover-ups
This isn’t an all-inclusive list, but it’s a start. These are items that are essential to summertime fun, comfort and timeless style. If there are others that you want to share, please add a comment to this blog post. We need to go ahead and have this conversation now, so that can focus on shopping later!

Maxi’s are not going anywhere anytime soon, so make sure the colors and patterns you select will take you into the next summer/spring season. If they look washed out, like most that containing cotton, or the pattern could be considered dated, go ahead and list it on #threadflip or #poshmarkapp. You most likely will not get what you paid for it, but you will definitely add a few dollars to the shopping budget.
If you aren’t the type of lady that likes to refresh her closet on an annual basis (meaning you don’t like to shop #howdareyou), you definitely have to be careful when it comes to patterns. Classic patterns include stripes, polka dots, some floral and plaids, and definitely solids. Remember, if you are buying something…You MUST giveaway, sell or THROW AWAY something! We are not packrats! We are women that always know what we have at our fingertips for every occasion.

Go ahead and buy a few new maxis if you can 50% or more. Keep in mind what we talked about in February and March, if you don’t love it, don’t buy it! Your options are unlimited thanks to online retailers.
This is also a great time to purchase swimsuits and sandals for next year. I personally love buying swimsuits and cover-ups from #ASOS, #Target, and #VinceCamuto. They have great selections and fantastic sales prices at the end of the season. There is no reason, no matter your size, not to have nice swimwear. If you don’t feel comfortable in a two piece, buy a swim shorts set! Sexy cover-ups are a must, but they can be very pricey. A cover-up is one item that you may feel like you don’t need, until you NEED IT! I purchased one from #ASOS a few years ago that is a blue fishnet halter that provides a sexy solution for all of my food babies and water weight (#ihatecrunches). Don’t let your self-consciousness about your size keep you from having the time of your life during the summer. Find pieces that make you feel comfortable and enjoy yourself!

Trendy sandals have wide price ranges, so you should be able find a few pairs at great prices to kick-off the 2015 season. I caution you and ask that you purchase no more than 2 pairs! I say this because, you are going to want to buy something new next year, and the shopping bug bites at the beginning of each season!  If you purchase two pairs now, you will obtain the same adrenaline rush when you purchase that one pair of strappy pumps or sandals to refresh you for the season. DON’T GIVE ME THE SIDE EYE! YES, that is only three pairs of shoes and I am aware of that! If you follow this blog, you probably have well over 200 pairs of shoes, just as I do. The last think we need to do is indulge in unnecessary buying…that’s why you’re here with me in “Closet Camp”…LOL! If you are working with less pairs that the typically shopaholic, its okay…the buildup is REAL and you are well on your way. The one thing I can promise you is that, your closet will contain all of the items necessary to attend any event on the planet…and it will be ORGANIZED!
Now!...Go through your shoedrobe and pick out a few pairs of sandals and pumps that need to be donated to #goodwill, #salvationarmy, #clothesclosets. One or two of those pairs should include those that are over 5 years old that you’ve been hanging onto, but never have taken to a shoe repair shop. The closet must stay fresh, and as long as you’re here with me, it will stay that way.  

This is not an art! It is all about staying organized and replenishing what is worn out and dated on a somewhat regular basis. You should never have sandal with insoles stained with dirt…come ‘on! I understand the “I don’t like to shop”, or “shopping isn’t important,” but what I do not understand is taking a shower every day and selecting clothing that do nothing for your body or your spirit. What’s the point of bathing if you want to look dirty, washed up, and washed out???? My point exactly, there is no point! Your femininity should not suffer at the expense of a poor ensemble. Select what you wear like you do the food at the supermarket. Make sure it’s fresh and clean.

Share your shopping experiences with us by adding a comment to any of our blog posts! We would also like to hear about your experiences and whether any of our tips helped.

Until next time…keep those Closets Classy and Orderly (MUAH)!

A Classy Closet Boutique
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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Less is MORE!

Tank tops, shorts, mini’s…you name it, they are all coming out of the closet to face the nation during the summer months! All I ask is that you make sure your ensemble says “I did this on purpose” and not “I don’t give shit!” LOL

I have to be honest and say that summer is not my favorite season and I will tell you why. I’ve always preferred stylish ankle boots over gladiator sandals or leather leggings over denim cheekies. Because the summer heat doesn’t allow me to layer my clothing the way that I like or wear certain fabrics without fainting, I have to make it a point to choose my clothing and accessories wisely. And so the theme this summer is, LESS IS MORE!

The less is more theme may seem like typical fashion cliché, depending on which generation you grew up in, but it is totally a timeless theme. I know that I was told by my great-aunt to make sure I didn’t leave the house looking like a streetwalker (lol). I also know that she would look at me now and probably give me the side eye based on some of my some of my closet picks. I am not sure what happens, but my eyes see large pieces of jewelry like a glass of milk after a Krispy Kreme donut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CAN’T RESIST!!!!! (*clears throat*) Okay, back to the topic of discussion…

...the level of heat that some of us experience during the summer months makes one want to reach for nothing more than a maxi dress or shorts and tank, and that is okay. What’s not okay is not choosing to accessorize or put on any mascara! Nowadays there are different levels of casual, when once upon a time, there was only one – denim and a tee shirt or tank top. Now, you can purchase denim, tee shirts and baseball caps with all types of bling. If you are not into accessorizing, these should be your go-to items during this season. Casual doesn’t mean throw on the most abysmal articles in your closet for the sake of comfort. You should have already prepared your closet for this time of the year! Did you not read our February and March blogs? If not, go back and catch up on your reading and get that closet right!

For my ladies whose eyes glaze over when they see the new J. Crew jewelry or jewelry online at, you can throw on that plain white tank top and a gaudy bib necklace and injure all onlookers! I’ve stated in previous blogs that the right statement necklace can make all others have a seat…I stand by that! Since I’m wearing my hair shorter than usual these days, I tend to go with my pearl studs or earrings half my palm size. The larger the necklace, the smaller the earrings…the smaller or absence of a necklace motivates me to step up my earbob game, hence the mention of half palm size earrings. I also break out my colorful handbags and light colored scarves to add to the mix. Color is everything this year, and this is coming from someone that has to be restrained to leave the black at home on a daily basis. Carrying a colorful handbag may be a stretch for some, but after the 3rd day…you'll fall in love with the vibrancy it brings to your ensemble. TRY it…if it was a new weight loss pill or hair growth pill…you would!...I’m just saying!
With simplicity comes elegance. Reach for the spaghetti strapped tank rather that the typically wife-beater style. Look for colorful and abstract midis rather than the type long lipped maxi skirt. Try a buttoned or belted shirt dress instead of the same styled maxi dress that consumes your peripheral. Denim is available in every color under the sun! Buy some! Depending on what assets you like showing the world, your selections for the summer should show off all of your winter gym action. I love my legs, so you better know that I am in a skirt every chance I get! LOL

Anyway, make sure that you closet is jammed packed full of items that will allow you to look absolutely amazing in your summer selfies! Until next time...keep it classy!



Monday, May 26, 2014

We all need some inspiration!

The guilt associated with doing the some old thing year after year can become somewhat overbearing. We cleaned out our closets earlier this year and picked up a few new pieces, but what in the world are we to do? Spicing up a 5-year-old LBD (little black dress) with a new scarf or belt might not be quite enough. Inspiration has to be drawn from our desired look.


Most people look at magazines and television and see women or men that have achieved aspects of their desired look. No one person will have all of the things you desire for oneself, but to know that the look has been achieved, gives you confidence that you could one day wear the same. The same thing could be said for hairstyles and makeup.  I am guilty of saving looks and other ideas on Pinterest!!! I LOVE PINTEREST!!!


Do not be afraid to rip pages out of a magazine (like I'm doing from my Veranda magazine at this minute for my home), or save images online, that inspire you! We aren't in elementary school anymore...CHEAT! LOL! Fashion bloggers and other fashion editors write to inspire and even influence your fashion selections. You have some, like myself, that are just inspired by life and their own fashion sensibility, but then you have those that need a little extra help to form ideas.


I remember my very first personal shopping client and how closed-minded she was about what looked good on her and what was good for her appearance. I was in the mall shopping for myself when we met. She first came across as a distraction because I was not able to concentrate on what I was doing. She kept commenting on everything I picked up!  Finally, she wandered off after I asked the she salesperson to see nine pairs of shoes in my size. I guess she thought I did it to prove a point or something, who knows? I have always been between sizes, so four salespersons came out carrying about seven pairs of shoes each. Of course, the lady managed to appear again, but she had on a pair of shoes that she was trying on and asked me what I thought. Most know my brutal honesty has to be dipped in sugar to take the edge off, most of the time. I told her that the height was appropriate for her age and the level of comfort that she was seeking; however, the style wasn't classic or trendy enough to be an everyday shoe. She gave me this crazy look and sat down right next to me. By this time, I was saying, "What the hell does she want?" I was ready to try on my shoes and get out of store, so I told the salespersons to put them on the floor. I started trying on shoes and deciding what I wanted to keep and what I didn't want. I decided on about 12 or 13 pairs, so I waved the salesperson over and gave them my credit card, to expedite the process and get away from this crazy lady.


I put my shoes back on and started making my way to the checkout counter when the lady says, "Well are you not going to help me? Those shoes can't all be for you, so why don't you shop for me too?"... and this is how it all began. I was probably 23 at the time and she was twice that and some.


Those that know me personally, know that all of those shoes were for me and that I cherish my encounter with her every time someone asks for my assistance. I decided to share this story because I recently encountered a woman that wanted a renewed look since the birth of her daughter.


I love working with everyday women. The everyday woman is someone whose outfit has a position to play. Their clothing has to meet their daily needs as well as feed some of their desires. The stay-at-home mom may not be able to go out for a glass of wine with the ladies after dinner with the family every night; however, if she were able to button-up dinner early and make it out with the ladies, she shouldn't become exhausted trying to put together a quick outfit and look cute. A womans wardrobe should fit her lifestyle, but also put her in places she wants to be.


You don't have to have a date to own a cocktail dress or an evening gown! Put yourself in situations where it causes you to step up your fashion game. 


My recent client had the desire to look nice and kill the all-black frompiness. I took her out on a shopping trip and we selected some things that were comfortable for her, but out of her box. Please do not mistake the terms "out of her box" to mean uncomfortable for my client. Comfort is key when asking someone to try something different. I know that may seem a bit crazy, but it is the truth. You can be comfortable in attire that is a different color than your usual or a different cut than what you're accustomed to; however, whether you like yourself in it is different. The amazing part is allowing her to see herself in the items she picked out and then those I picked out. I actually think this is one of the best teachers when it comes to showing someone how to shop for themselves. We don't always see ourselves the way that we really are, and that can cloud our thinking when selecting items for our wardrobe.  


She later told me that she went back to the stores I had taken her to during our trip, which really made me happy. It also told me that she listened during our trip and applied what I taught her. We also decided on a new haircut! And guess what, we used photos to help her decide what would compliment her, coupled with the looked she desired.


Capture your inspiration! Summer is the perfect season to grab hold of your wardrobe stubbornness and fear and shake the life out of it. Grab that life and hit the stores!!!! LOL


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Saturday, March 8, 2014

February Prep, March Purchases!!!!

In February, it was all about making room in our closets for new additions! Now that the purging is complete, it is time to make some great spring selections and not break the bank.
Most people tend to select summer items for the spring when they really should be buying bright and warm items. Taking this approach to adding spring apparel and shoes to your wardrobe will prevent you from being over- or underdressed during different hours of the day. It is very difficult to battle those cool mornings, warm afternoons, and cool nights. Comfort is just as important as being cute! I am not one of those who will tell you to opt for the uncomfortable shoe just because it looks the best; however, I WILL tell you to KEEP LOOKING! LOL

Let’s start with selecting the perfect items to transition from winter to spring. Some who read this blog are very conservative, but I also have my stylishly edgy ladies who sometimes go a little overboard trying to accomplish their look during seasonal changes. My conservative ladies tend to go overboard with boring collar shirts, cardigans, and slacks. My edgy ladies over-dilute themselves in black and gaudy jewels. Depending on my mood, I straddle the fence, but you better know that I do not leave home lukewarm. I am always HOTTT and you should be too! #loveyoutoo
Conservative ladies, you typically do not have a problem incorporating color, but you do have a problem spicing up your shoe collection and experimenting with statement accessories. If you wear a solid-colored sweater, don’t wear a solid-colored scarf or jewelry of the same color. Wear printed infinity scarves with contrasting colors if you are uncomfortable with bold necklaces. Put on the blue bracelet with the green sweater … it is okay! “Your world, your style, your statement!” – Shammara Hasty

Do not be afraid of bold jewelry! One piece is sufficient. Just because you buy jewelry in sets you think everything is supposed to match … FALSE. If I am wearing bold, statement earrings, most often I will not wear a necklace. You can always replace wearing a necklace with spraying or applying some bronzer to your neck and décolleté; this allows your natural beauty to be an accessory.
For my stylishly edgy ladies (and I’m talking to myself too), please try to put the leathers and suedes down slowly. Yes, I am saying it like I am referring to a weapon because we tend to kill people with them during the fall and winter. And another thing, set your eyes on some items that are NOT BLACK!!!!!!!!!! One of my dear friends told me, as I was selecting items to add to for the spring, “Please don’t buy anything black.” I thought she was trying to drive a dagger through my heart (lol) … I love you Blair! I said to myself, 80% of the items that I have selected from vendors to purchase this season are black or a combination of black with some other color.

That is why it is important to have friends; they know your tendencies and pull your card when you go too deep within yourself. I had to pull myself out of the abyss of those things black and sexy because, after all, color is sexy too! I know that I cannot ask you to not wear black at all, so I will ask you to take baby steps and use it in moderation. Speaking of addictions, black is one because it is so convenient. Go with the colorful leggings, jeans and tops. If you have to incorporate some black, promise not to make it the dominant color; remember, we have all fall and winter to show the world all of our black pieces. Experiment with different patterns (e.g., dots, stripes, plaid) because they give you that edginess that your desire. The asymmetrical-cut blouses and skirts are also sexy additions that don’t have to be black to have the same effect. Lastly, remember the cold shoulder tops we used to wear back in the day? Yes! Those are great go-to pieces that can be transitioned into the summer very well. Opt for those made of knit or sweater material instead of polyester because they tend to provide a better fit for curvier women and don’t look cheesy. All polyester ones are not cheap, but they look better for body frames with less curves because most do not have any stretch.
You always want your clothes to look like you purposely bought them and not like they were a gift. That means everything in your closet should fit you like you’re modeling it for the designer who made it! This does not mean that it should be tight or mid-thigh; this means that it should look AMAZING on you for the purpose you purchased it for.

If you are not comfortable with shoes of color, opt for those with embellishments with colorful stitching or patterns. Spring is the perfect season for peep-toe booties, sexy mules, and shoes and boots with patterned and embellished soles.
We have some shopping to do, so I suggest you get started!

Remember: (1) Only buy what you cannot live without; (2) Only buy items that you can wear more than one season; (3) Expensive does not mean quality; (4) Bargain shop; (5) Do not be pressured by sales people and do not allow their opinions to lure you to the checkout counter; and finally (6) HAVE FUN!

Enjoy Spring 2014 ladies and be assured that this wardrobe that we are building will only get better as the year goes on! We welcome you to post a comment to this blog telling us some of the great additions you have made to your closets along with photos of your beautiful items. You can see in the photo that I took my own advice and made room for more shoes!!!!Talk to you soon!

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