Saturday, July 5, 2014

Less is MORE!

Tank tops, shorts, mini’s…you name it, they are all coming out of the closet to face the nation during the summer months! All I ask is that you make sure your ensemble says “I did this on purpose” and not “I don’t give shit!” LOL

I have to be honest and say that summer is not my favorite season and I will tell you why. I’ve always preferred stylish ankle boots over gladiator sandals or leather leggings over denim cheekies. Because the summer heat doesn’t allow me to layer my clothing the way that I like or wear certain fabrics without fainting, I have to make it a point to choose my clothing and accessories wisely. And so the theme this summer is, LESS IS MORE!

The less is more theme may seem like typical fashion cliché, depending on which generation you grew up in, but it is totally a timeless theme. I know that I was told by my great-aunt to make sure I didn’t leave the house looking like a streetwalker (lol). I also know that she would look at me now and probably give me the side eye based on some of my some of my closet picks. I am not sure what happens, but my eyes see large pieces of jewelry like a glass of milk after a Krispy Kreme donut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CAN’T RESIST!!!!! (*clears throat*) Okay, back to the topic of discussion…

...the level of heat that some of us experience during the summer months makes one want to reach for nothing more than a maxi dress or shorts and tank, and that is okay. What’s not okay is not choosing to accessorize or put on any mascara! Nowadays there are different levels of casual, when once upon a time, there was only one – denim and a tee shirt or tank top. Now, you can purchase denim, tee shirts and baseball caps with all types of bling. If you are not into accessorizing, these should be your go-to items during this season. Casual doesn’t mean throw on the most abysmal articles in your closet for the sake of comfort. You should have already prepared your closet for this time of the year! Did you not read our February and March blogs? If not, go back and catch up on your reading and get that closet right!

For my ladies whose eyes glaze over when they see the new J. Crew jewelry or jewelry online at, you can throw on that plain white tank top and a gaudy bib necklace and injure all onlookers! I’ve stated in previous blogs that the right statement necklace can make all others have a seat…I stand by that! Since I’m wearing my hair shorter than usual these days, I tend to go with my pearl studs or earrings half my palm size. The larger the necklace, the smaller the earrings…the smaller or absence of a necklace motivates me to step up my earbob game, hence the mention of half palm size earrings. I also break out my colorful handbags and light colored scarves to add to the mix. Color is everything this year, and this is coming from someone that has to be restrained to leave the black at home on a daily basis. Carrying a colorful handbag may be a stretch for some, but after the 3rd day…you'll fall in love with the vibrancy it brings to your ensemble. TRY it…if it was a new weight loss pill or hair growth pill…you would!...I’m just saying!
With simplicity comes elegance. Reach for the spaghetti strapped tank rather that the typically wife-beater style. Look for colorful and abstract midis rather than the type long lipped maxi skirt. Try a buttoned or belted shirt dress instead of the same styled maxi dress that consumes your peripheral. Denim is available in every color under the sun! Buy some! Depending on what assets you like showing the world, your selections for the summer should show off all of your winter gym action. I love my legs, so you better know that I am in a skirt every chance I get! LOL

Anyway, make sure that you closet is jammed packed full of items that will allow you to look absolutely amazing in your summer selfies! Until next time...keep it classy!



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