Monday, May 26, 2014

We all need some inspiration!

The guilt associated with doing the some old thing year after year can become somewhat overbearing. We cleaned out our closets earlier this year and picked up a few new pieces, but what in the world are we to do? Spicing up a 5-year-old LBD (little black dress) with a new scarf or belt might not be quite enough. Inspiration has to be drawn from our desired look.


Most people look at magazines and television and see women or men that have achieved aspects of their desired look. No one person will have all of the things you desire for oneself, but to know that the look has been achieved, gives you confidence that you could one day wear the same. The same thing could be said for hairstyles and makeup.  I am guilty of saving looks and other ideas on Pinterest!!! I LOVE PINTEREST!!!


Do not be afraid to rip pages out of a magazine (like I'm doing from my Veranda magazine at this minute for my home), or save images online, that inspire you! We aren't in elementary school anymore...CHEAT! LOL! Fashion bloggers and other fashion editors write to inspire and even influence your fashion selections. You have some, like myself, that are just inspired by life and their own fashion sensibility, but then you have those that need a little extra help to form ideas.


I remember my very first personal shopping client and how closed-minded she was about what looked good on her and what was good for her appearance. I was in the mall shopping for myself when we met. She first came across as a distraction because I was not able to concentrate on what I was doing. She kept commenting on everything I picked up!  Finally, she wandered off after I asked the she salesperson to see nine pairs of shoes in my size. I guess she thought I did it to prove a point or something, who knows? I have always been between sizes, so four salespersons came out carrying about seven pairs of shoes each. Of course, the lady managed to appear again, but she had on a pair of shoes that she was trying on and asked me what I thought. Most know my brutal honesty has to be dipped in sugar to take the edge off, most of the time. I told her that the height was appropriate for her age and the level of comfort that she was seeking; however, the style wasn't classic or trendy enough to be an everyday shoe. She gave me this crazy look and sat down right next to me. By this time, I was saying, "What the hell does she want?" I was ready to try on my shoes and get out of store, so I told the salespersons to put them on the floor. I started trying on shoes and deciding what I wanted to keep and what I didn't want. I decided on about 12 or 13 pairs, so I waved the salesperson over and gave them my credit card, to expedite the process and get away from this crazy lady.


I put my shoes back on and started making my way to the checkout counter when the lady says, "Well are you not going to help me? Those shoes can't all be for you, so why don't you shop for me too?"... and this is how it all began. I was probably 23 at the time and she was twice that and some.


Those that know me personally, know that all of those shoes were for me and that I cherish my encounter with her every time someone asks for my assistance. I decided to share this story because I recently encountered a woman that wanted a renewed look since the birth of her daughter.


I love working with everyday women. The everyday woman is someone whose outfit has a position to play. Their clothing has to meet their daily needs as well as feed some of their desires. The stay-at-home mom may not be able to go out for a glass of wine with the ladies after dinner with the family every night; however, if she were able to button-up dinner early and make it out with the ladies, she shouldn't become exhausted trying to put together a quick outfit and look cute. A womans wardrobe should fit her lifestyle, but also put her in places she wants to be.


You don't have to have a date to own a cocktail dress or an evening gown! Put yourself in situations where it causes you to step up your fashion game. 


My recent client had the desire to look nice and kill the all-black frompiness. I took her out on a shopping trip and we selected some things that were comfortable for her, but out of her box. Please do not mistake the terms "out of her box" to mean uncomfortable for my client. Comfort is key when asking someone to try something different. I know that may seem a bit crazy, but it is the truth. You can be comfortable in attire that is a different color than your usual or a different cut than what you're accustomed to; however, whether you like yourself in it is different. The amazing part is allowing her to see herself in the items she picked out and then those I picked out. I actually think this is one of the best teachers when it comes to showing someone how to shop for themselves. We don't always see ourselves the way that we really are, and that can cloud our thinking when selecting items for our wardrobe.  


She later told me that she went back to the stores I had taken her to during our trip, which really made me happy. It also told me that she listened during our trip and applied what I taught her. We also decided on a new haircut! And guess what, we used photos to help her decide what would compliment her, coupled with the looked she desired.


Capture your inspiration! Summer is the perfect season to grab hold of your wardrobe stubbornness and fear and shake the life out of it. Grab that life and hit the stores!!!! LOL


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