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I know Halloween is near, but it shouldn’t be a sweater that frightens you! If you don’t where sweater for one of the following reasons, this blog post is for you!
1.       It makes me look fat.
2.       I cannot wear a coat with it and feel comfortable.
3.       It is too bulky.
4.       It does not wash well and often shrinks.
5.       I would rather dress in layers.

Guess what? If you use ANY of these excuses as reasons why you have not or would not purchase a sweater, I suggest you stop right now. The crew neck ugly Christmas sweater with the cinched waistband is not your only option! Why miss out on adding this piece to your wardrobe because you’ve had a bad experience? This goes without saying, but I am going to say it ANYWAY… “BUY FOR YOUR BODY TYPE, NOT THE MODEL WEARING IT.”
It is so common for us to compare ourselves to someone else, but what’s worse is comparing yourself to someone with a dissimilar shape as yours. I am 5 ‘9’ and I would not dare wear a dress to work that is modeled by someone 5’6’. I doubt think that my colleagues want to see the inside of my thigh when I sit down at the conference room table for a meeting. The same goes for sweaters. Why by a thick crewneck sweater that cinches at the waist if you are 5’9’, over 200 lbs., and have a cup size of D or better? Of course you are going to be uncomfortable! The assortments of sweater styles today are endless. I use myself as an example, because I can relate. Regardless of the season, my sweaters are always lightweight, cardigan style…and in play!

Do not judge a sweater by its cover! Just because it’s thin does not mean that it is made out of a variation of cotton that isn’t quality or warm. Your selection can range from lightweight cashmere to a linen-like cotton. Depending on what county, state or province you live in, the weather will dictate how warm you need to dress. For the purposes of this blog post, I am going to provide you with a few sweater shopping tips, that I adhere to and that I recommend for those with sweater issues.

1.       If you are a shorter woman:

a.       Bypass sweaters that fall below the hip. Caveat…if you are wearing a sweater dress, DO NOT put pants on up under it! Opt for some sexy pantyhose and knee or thigh boots to give you some length. You could possibly pull off knit pants, but you do not want to run the risk of looking or feeling bulky around the waistline.

b.      Turtlenecks look great on almost anyone (with blingy stud earrings! I normally rock my #Honora 10mm button stud earringsJ... Tangent!). Anyway, if you have a shorter neck…PASS! Opt for a V-neck style.

2.       If you are an average height (taller than 5’4’, but shorter than 5’9’): You can almost wear any style sweater and look GREAT!

a.       I caution any woman about buying the shorter waist sweaters that even look boxy on the hanger! I personally don’t want to look like a square box, but I have seen many women that look great in them. We must be honest with ourselves and say no if the style isn’t complimentary for our figure. If your waistline isn’t want you want it to be…PASS on the short waist sweaters.

3.       And if you are 5’9’ or taller…like me…:

a.       We have the gift of length on our side! (I still caution you about the short waist sweaters…lol). We can sweaters of mostly any length.

b.      Consider the length of your sweater when you select which coat you wear for the day. When opting for a more conservative look, your sweater length should not exceed that of your coat. It’s okay if you going to the ball game and your throwback is longer that your team jacket. (We can talk about coat lengths next month).

c.       Make sure that if you wear a sweater that cinches or gathers at the waistline, that it ACTUALLY REACHES YOUR WAISTLINE!!!!!! No one wants to see you belly button when you raise your arms to scratch your head! LMBO!!! (Being lengthy has its challenges).

Lastly, any type of top can be worn with a sweater. YES, I SAID ANY! That only means is you have to select the right sweater for the look you are trying to achieve, the level of warmth desired, and comfort required. You could easily put a cardigan sweater over a thin cashmere crewneck sweater and still put a coat on top (if you’re in Canada! LOL). All I am saying is enjoy this garment! Buy cardigans with patterns and of different color variations to pair with solids or other patterns. Your look is a reflection of how you feel about you. Let your light (and your sweater) shine so bright that it reflects on others.
These are just a few tidbits of information that I wanted to share. If you have your own, please share them by commenting on this post. We love to get our readers engaged.

By now you should have your fall and winter wardrobe just about complete for 2014/2015. If you passed up that sweater you’d been eyeing because you weren’t sure about it, give it shot. Remember, thinner and lighter fabric sweaters are easier to layer and can be worn year-round. You know A Classy Closet is ALL about timeless and transitional pieces that provide endless style regardless of the season.

Post pics of your favorite fall items! We love you and wish you a warm fall and winter season!
Until next time…keep it Cozy and Classy! (wink)

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