Saturday, March 8, 2014

February Prep, March Purchases!!!!

In February, it was all about making room in our closets for new additions! Now that the purging is complete, it is time to make some great spring selections and not break the bank.
Most people tend to select summer items for the spring when they really should be buying bright and warm items. Taking this approach to adding spring apparel and shoes to your wardrobe will prevent you from being over- or underdressed during different hours of the day. It is very difficult to battle those cool mornings, warm afternoons, and cool nights. Comfort is just as important as being cute! I am not one of those who will tell you to opt for the uncomfortable shoe just because it looks the best; however, I WILL tell you to KEEP LOOKING! LOL

Let’s start with selecting the perfect items to transition from winter to spring. Some who read this blog are very conservative, but I also have my stylishly edgy ladies who sometimes go a little overboard trying to accomplish their look during seasonal changes. My conservative ladies tend to go overboard with boring collar shirts, cardigans, and slacks. My edgy ladies over-dilute themselves in black and gaudy jewels. Depending on my mood, I straddle the fence, but you better know that I do not leave home lukewarm. I am always HOTTT and you should be too! #loveyoutoo
Conservative ladies, you typically do not have a problem incorporating color, but you do have a problem spicing up your shoe collection and experimenting with statement accessories. If you wear a solid-colored sweater, don’t wear a solid-colored scarf or jewelry of the same color. Wear printed infinity scarves with contrasting colors if you are uncomfortable with bold necklaces. Put on the blue bracelet with the green sweater … it is okay! “Your world, your style, your statement!” – Shammara Hasty

Do not be afraid of bold jewelry! One piece is sufficient. Just because you buy jewelry in sets you think everything is supposed to match … FALSE. If I am wearing bold, statement earrings, most often I will not wear a necklace. You can always replace wearing a necklace with spraying or applying some bronzer to your neck and décolleté; this allows your natural beauty to be an accessory.
For my stylishly edgy ladies (and I’m talking to myself too), please try to put the leathers and suedes down slowly. Yes, I am saying it like I am referring to a weapon because we tend to kill people with them during the fall and winter. And another thing, set your eyes on some items that are NOT BLACK!!!!!!!!!! One of my dear friends told me, as I was selecting items to add to for the spring, “Please don’t buy anything black.” I thought she was trying to drive a dagger through my heart (lol) … I love you Blair! I said to myself, 80% of the items that I have selected from vendors to purchase this season are black or a combination of black with some other color.

That is why it is important to have friends; they know your tendencies and pull your card when you go too deep within yourself. I had to pull myself out of the abyss of those things black and sexy because, after all, color is sexy too! I know that I cannot ask you to not wear black at all, so I will ask you to take baby steps and use it in moderation. Speaking of addictions, black is one because it is so convenient. Go with the colorful leggings, jeans and tops. If you have to incorporate some black, promise not to make it the dominant color; remember, we have all fall and winter to show the world all of our black pieces. Experiment with different patterns (e.g., dots, stripes, plaid) because they give you that edginess that your desire. The asymmetrical-cut blouses and skirts are also sexy additions that don’t have to be black to have the same effect. Lastly, remember the cold shoulder tops we used to wear back in the day? Yes! Those are great go-to pieces that can be transitioned into the summer very well. Opt for those made of knit or sweater material instead of polyester because they tend to provide a better fit for curvier women and don’t look cheesy. All polyester ones are not cheap, but they look better for body frames with less curves because most do not have any stretch.
You always want your clothes to look like you purposely bought them and not like they were a gift. That means everything in your closet should fit you like you’re modeling it for the designer who made it! This does not mean that it should be tight or mid-thigh; this means that it should look AMAZING on you for the purpose you purchased it for.

If you are not comfortable with shoes of color, opt for those with embellishments with colorful stitching or patterns. Spring is the perfect season for peep-toe booties, sexy mules, and shoes and boots with patterned and embellished soles.
We have some shopping to do, so I suggest you get started!

Remember: (1) Only buy what you cannot live without; (2) Only buy items that you can wear more than one season; (3) Expensive does not mean quality; (4) Bargain shop; (5) Do not be pressured by sales people and do not allow their opinions to lure you to the checkout counter; and finally (6) HAVE FUN!

Enjoy Spring 2014 ladies and be assured that this wardrobe that we are building will only get better as the year goes on! We welcome you to post a comment to this blog telling us some of the great additions you have made to your closets along with photos of your beautiful items. You can see in the photo that I took my own advice and made room for more shoes!!!!Talk to you soon!

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  1. This is great advice. Often times we wait until the spring comes and that just encourages impulse buys. Great blog!

    1. I totally agree! Having a strategy can definitely stretch the shopping budget and leave little to no room for buyers remorse. 😉