Sunday, December 30, 2012

Fashionably Insolated!

As Rickey Smiley says on Twitter, "Good Morning Saints and Ain'ts"...(I think that is so funny).

Anyway, I had to get this out before I began preparing myself for church.

Lately, I have been RANTING and RAVING about these nylon leggings that I received in the store a few weeks ago. I am always trying and testing new brands of hosiery and leggings in the boutique in order to offer my customers the best quality products for the best prices. I have to tell you that these leggings have really become my new gem! It has been so unrealistically cold lately that it has caused me to go back to my NYC way of dressing. For northerners, you know all about it...pantyhose and leggings under your pants, cami's, t-shirts, thermal underwear...all of that. Layering is nothing new; however, layering out of necessity and layering just to be fashionable give you two different results most of the time, so it is very important to make sure that ALL undergarments are cute!

I have to tell you, if this is old news to you I'm sorry, but I am STOKED about these nylon leggings. I've worn them under my jeans and cotton leggings for a couple of weeks now and they are soooo comfy. I have not seen one lent ball yet! LOL! They seem to stretch much more than the cotton ones and fit seamlessly under pants and over other leggings and tights. They also have this shine that makes them so attractive when worn by themselves. I'm just saying...if you have not tried a pair of these leggings, I strongly recommend that you do and soon! They are available on our website at and in-store. I guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Do you have a vision?

I could rant and rave about women that are not happy no matter what they wear, but I'm not. You have different categories of women have those that never know what they're going to wear even if it's just to bed. You have some who know what kind of look they want to go for, but are too bashful to actually wear the outfit in public. You have those whose self-esteem doesn't allow them to look bad in anything. Then you have the woman that thinks they know what looks good on them but are so uncomfortable with themselves that they add a new piece to their closet once a year and waist everybody's time all year long.

Guess's okay! Have a bad attitude because you're mad at yourself for looking the way you do or put your pride aside get some assistance. The Salesperson didn't do anything to you! Why don't you help her or your personal shopper out by sharing your vision of the look you are trying to achieve? I have a better one, why don't you go buy some GUTS to help you implement the assistance you've been given by them already! LOL!!! (I am writing this laughing and envisioning someone wearing their first body conscious dress to a party and sitting down the entire time). One of the worst things we can do as women is waste a great outfit! Why??? Don't be scared!

Let me guess, some of you are thinking that I am talking about inappropriate dress...I'm not. You would be surprised at the number of women who think its slutty to wear a red dress or red shoes. It's all about your thinking and your posture when stepping out. Red worn tastefully is a color that packs power and femininity.

Have a vision of the look you want to achieve and make strides to make it your own. This goes for your hair, nails, posture and even your way of thinking. The year 2013 is fast approaching and it's time to live your best life looking exactly the way you want to!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Changing Up Access to Our Closet to Suit You...

So we've made it through our first 6 months in business...WWWHHHOOOHHOOO!!!!! (I just had to show a bit of excitement there. (lol)

I have to tell's been so much fun. I do not think that I've learned so much in such a short period of time (except when I went to Marine Corps boot camp). Being a retail owner has allowed me to meet so many interesting, artistic, and fashionable people and I LOVE IT! You will never get me to say that it has been easy, but you can definitely get me to say that it has been fulfilling and fun.

The customers have made it the most interesting by entering the boutique with an open mind and with a desire to find something different. It is so great to have customers with a muted style routine come in the store and choose something a little different only because the spirit of fashion hits them at the door! I'm making reference to our jewelry table...if you haven't seen it, you are definitely missing out because you will not find two of the same pieces in our store.

You will not believe that we have reached a point that will allow us to help out local students and hire part-time workers. Yes! We are in a position to give back and that's exactly what we plan to do! 100% of the Sales Associates at A Classy Closet Boutique, beginning 1/1/2013 will either be college students or recent grads. We are also changing our hours of business at your request. Starting January 1, we will be open Thursday through Saturday from 11am - 7pm! Many of you have wanted to come on your lunch hour or earlier in the day to shop and now that opportunity is available. We are so happy to be able to offer new store hours and times that better accommodate you! SEE YOU SOON!

2805 Crescent Avenue, Ste# B
Homewood, AL 35209

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Who Lied and Said Looking Good Doesn't Make You Feel Good???

It may be shallow, but your appearance has tons to do with how you feel. I think if nothing else, it's a personal ego booster.

I was telling one of my co-workers about an article I read recently in one of the magazines that I take about how good-looking people tend to make more money and are overall more successful than unattractive people. I've also seen articles and statistics discussing the same topic on Yahoo! News and other internet sites. I was really surprised that there was so much information out there about the topic.

I don't believe that it has everything to do with a person just being good-looking. A well groomed individual, regardless of their position on the scales of attractiveness can get whatever they want! The one thing that I can't stand is sloppiness! I look through tons of merchandise trying to figure out what pieces I want to add to my inventory and sometimes I find myself laughing because of what I see! Don't get me wrong, I understand that everyone's tastes in fashion differ and I appreciate that, but what I can't appreciate is a wholesale hoodie for $40 that's not even made of a fine fabric! Bwwaaahhhhhh LMBO! Who is about to pay nearly $80+ for something made out of a fabric that may scratch your skin off????? It's all good...I understand...SOMEONE,...SOMEWHERE...will say OMG...THIS IS JUST WHAT I'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR!!!! (...and this when I turn and walk away).

I've heard many of my friends mention that they don't feel right when their hair isn't done the way they like or they don't have a fresh manicure. I really think our emotions are tied into our appearance. On days that start out slow for me, I really try to make sure that I look extra delicious...just for me. It almost always peps me up and gets me back in the game.

For those women who feel like they have to have an invite to a black tie event to put on a sexy dress and shoes that are comfortable for them...THE BLACK TIE EVENT IS LIFE! Celebrate EVERYDAY! There is nothing wrong with having your gratitude for life in your heart. However, there is absolutely nothing wrong with glamorizing your everyday look and looking like you have a purpose!

Leave the flats at home and elevate to a wedge...(baby steps). Instead of the same boring blazer, elevate to a banded collar jacket and add a collar necklace...(baby steps) doesn't take much! If you wear black most of the time like I do, purchase some colorful stud earrings and a colorful or print blouse. Stop going in the store and purchasing your entire outfit in ONE STORE! Put on that fun t-shirt with your business suits in the summer. I love my sequin tees under my suits. It gives me just enough bling, but not too much.

Anyway, I hope that you have a fashionable week and try something different! In case you can't find that one piece of pop...visit us at or come into our'll definitely find it!

Check out my fly friend who found her fashionable outfit at A Classy Closet Boutique. (The blouse is sold out and there is only one skirt left in a size Large. This item is not online so contact us at

Sunday, July 15, 2012

My Love for Fishnets!

So, I'll start by saying that my inspiration for this post was the new shipment of fishnet pantyhose that I received in the boutique on Friday.  I LOVE THEM!!!!! I love them so much that after I put them out on the floor, I had a talk with myself...I said SELF, you cannot have a pair each... only one, so pick your favorite out of the lot! I picked my favorite and proceeded to take them out of the pack (in the store while watching the door for customers) and putting them on behind the checkout counter (LMBO)!!! I TELL YOU...I just HAD to put a pair on to see them on my legs! I AM A LOVER OF FISHNET AND LACE PANTYHOSE!

I have a little story to share with you about about the appropriateness of such hosiery...

Outside of boutique hours, I work in corporate America. Everyone knows that there is a certain plainness that people expect to see in a professional environment, especially in the southeast. I am a lover of fashion so a nice skirt or pantsuit can be just as sexy as the classic black dress with all of the trimmings (e.g. accessories). Anyway, on this particular day, I had on the typically black suit, a colorful blouse and a pair of classic fishnets (with the very small holes). I do not wear those with large holes or my lace ones that show much leg to work, but obviously a few of the ladies had an issue and decided to tell others that my pantyhose were INAPPROPRIATE for the workplace. Unfortunately, I was never confronted, so I assumed they enjoyed looking at them as much as I did! (LOL)

There are some women that think fishnet and lace pantyhose are inappropriate for ANY occasion, and that is perfectly fine. I love that extra that they add to an otherwise plain outfit. I am a believer in being appropriately dressed for any occasion, so doing a once over before walking out of the door is a must!

What I am NOT a fan of are people who take their personal insecurities and project them on others who may take a daring approach to fashion, but always manage to look great! How you dress is an expression and celebration of who YOU are as an individual! Some people feel more liberal in their expression of dress and the world we live in allows that. So if you're one of those people looking out of the side of your eye or making crude comments about someone else, MIND YOUR BUSINESS and work on doing something to better YOURSELF.

Hosiery is an accessory just like a necklace or earrings and either be worn to accentuate an outfit or mute it. I do not wear very revealing clothing and I do not wear pants often, so hosiery allows me to give my overly worn black skirts a different look without exposing my legs.What do you think? Do you wear patterned hosiery?

I also love colorful opaques! I'll be putting some of those in the store this fall...WOOT WOOT!

I've attached a picture of my favorite currently in the store...
The others are available at with more to come!
...classy doesn't have to be boring!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

So much to talk about...

I must admit that I have not kept you all up-to-date on everything that has happened since I opened the doors to the Boutique back on May 12th. I will promise to do better because my memory does not serve me well most times and you shouldn't be left out! (lol)

So, what has inspired the post for today is this article that I read in the Birmingham News while drinking my fake coffee (smile). Yes, I call my favorite drink from Starbucks fake coffee - white chocolate mocha, non-fat w/o whip's so smoooooth! (lol) Anyway, since yesterday was a slow day at the Boutique due to many people being out of town for the holiday, I decided to actually sit out front before opening today and enjoy my (fake) coffee while reading the newspaper. When was the last time you read a NON-VIRTUAL newspaper?????

Well there was this piece in the Sweet Home section that caught my attention because it focused on something that I love...SCARVES! The title was "Summer scarves polish, add flair or color to a wardrobe." I agreed with EVERYTHING Tracy Robinson wrote expect for "scarves look best when paired with clothing that is uncomplicated and otherwise unembellished." Reason being is because if you all know anything about me or my store...I LOVE EXTRA! Embellishments, ruffles, prints, bling...(in my Christy Johnson voice) LOVE, LOVE, ABSOLUTELY LOVE! I will take a second to say that I understand what she meant, but I think that scarves as an accessory should not be limited to certain types of outfits. I think that the scarf should be chosen based on what a person is wearing and not the other way around.

I really appreciated this article because I have summer scarves in my store that only a few people have looked at and I think it's only because they don't know when, how and where to wear them. I wear scarves in the place of necklaces depending on the type of look that I'm going for. Whether you're the conservative type or more of a trend setter, there is a scarf for you!

Who would think that I would be talking about scarves in the summer? I didn't! However, it is that one accessory that is timeless, seasonless, and always appropriate if worn properly.

I've attached a picture of the summer scarves available in-store at A Classy Closet's Boutique.

Until next time, keep it Classy!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Why do I feel this way?

Okay, so I opened the first retail location for A Classy Closet Boutique on May 12th. I had the "grand opening" and everything was made "official." I went through the motions during my first weekend and after it was over, I was asked a few times "How does it feel to be a boutique owner?" It wasn't until my god sister called from NY and asked me the same question later Sunday night that I was able to come up with an answer..."like I've been doing this for years"...

I thought about the answer that I gave her and realized that it was exactly how I felt and I feel that way today. I do not feel like operating the boutique or personal shopping for my clients is anything foreign; it feels like I've been doing this forever! It's a really crazy feeling because as the days pass, people ask me how's business and I really don't have an answer...I'm kinda's cool. I think my craziest thought since I opened has been that I should have been opening my 6th or 7th location rather than my first. I actually feel like I could open another store during the fall of this year and have the same feeling...don't ask's my mind I tell ya'...and sometimes it just takes me all types of places and really makes me feel like that "S" at the beginning of my first name is actually branded in my chest! (LOL)

I hate the fact that most people around me think that I work all of the time and that I'm compulsive. I use the word hate because over time I've allowed their perceptions to morph into something totally unfounded only because I won't take the time to calm their concerns. The reason why I don't is because I don't care to understand their "normal" so why should I explain mine???? But I know you're like, they are just concerned because they care about you...BLAH, BLAH, BLAH!!! Every pioneer in history had people that cared about them, but they NEVER allowed those people to become a deterrent...a distraction maybe (smile)...but not a deterrent. I am who I am and these journeys that my mind takes me on only allows for one passenger...ME! So no one but my spiritual provider will understand why I do what I do, so just "ride wit a gee" like T.I.P says.

I love volunteerism and supporting great humanitarian causes. Me being a veteran only adds fuel to my philanthropic fire! With Memorial Day upon us, I called the Birmingham VA Hospital to find out if they would accept thank you cards and pass them out to the Veterans. You would not believe that after I spoke with them and they approved my project for the boutique this weekend, I could barely contain myself!!!! I WAS SO EXCITED!!!! There is nothing more gratifying than acknowledging those that have paved the way for people such as myself to enjoy my inalienable rights as an American. Yes, my ancestors were brought to this country enslaved and denied rights to live free. I thank my ancestors  for my strong heritage and all of the veterans that have served this country.

If you're in the Birmingham Area this weekend, please stop by the boutique and make a thank you card for a veteran. The boutique will be open Friday 5-9, Saturday 10-9, Sunday 1-5 and Memorial Day 10-5.  We will have all of the materials you need, but you have to been your heart...

Owner of A Classy Closet Boutique and USMC Vet...oohhh rah!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

All over the place...

...with my mind racing. I'm at the beach this weekend just trying to take it easy. I don't know if it's excitement, anxiety, or just me allowing my checklists to get out of hand, but my mind has been racing. I'm quickly putting things into perspective and prioritizing what's important to me...I can't do everything....but I damned sure try! The funny this is...and I say this to people all of the time...I absolutely LOVE everything that I am involved in. Getting the boutique open is my primary focus right now and the end is near! It is almost two weeks from opening day I am so ready! The support has been tremendous and the learning is non-stop. My eye for fashion is only growing sharper and my passion for designing is only growing deeper. There are so many things that I want to do and it's hard containing myself! I think this is when my mind just gets out of control and begins to pedal faster than I can keep up with. My notebooks of ideas and thoughts are filling up to the point that I can barely keep them organized. I need an emergency latch to pull!! Lol!

I used to admire people who knew exactly what they wanted to be when they grew up because I never had a clue; but I don't anymore. Now, I have admiration for those that have many ideas and venture down the path to explore the unknown. I had no earthly idea that I would be where I am today just by embracing all of the things that have been planted into my mind that I should pursue. I guess I'll have to write a book ten years from now to tell you about the places my thoughts have taken. The phrase that is often quoted where I worship is "We were created to excel, not fail, that is your Devine potential." I believe that.

A Classy Closet was birthed from something given to me to give to my clients...

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Things are coming together...

...this has been an undoubtedly fun-filled roller coaster ride!!! After I launched the website, the public's response was so positive that I became so motivated! I have learned so much and continue to learn more and more each day about the retail industry. I'll be honest and tell you that my only retail experience is from Lady's Footlocker back during my Marine Corps days in Jacksonville, NC. I worked there during a very interesting time in my life, but it all worked out. Now I am getting the opportunity to learn how to accept retail transaction in my own store. Yes, that's will soon be able to walk into A Classy Closet Boutique and discover that we are a trendy, yet affordable boutique that you should add to your places to shop on the weekends! Stay tuned for more information, but we hope to open our doors in early May.

In the meantime, merchandise is on our website and you can request specialty items by email or using the Contact Us page on our website. We have recently been contacted about providing jewelry for bridal parties. All bulk orders for bridal parties must be paid in full prior ordering.

Stay tuned for more information about our Grand Opening!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

OMG!!!...'s almost March 24th! Things have just been miraculous! I am sitting here at my office at home and my the floor is covered with boxes of "stuff!" The problem is...I have a tendency to open each box just to see what's in it and then the show begins! Why do I walk around my house like I am the actual jewelry mannequin!!! (LMBO)! I said that if I don't top keep stuff, you all will never see it on the website or anywhere else for that matter. But I have fooled myself into believing that if I like it, my clients will like it too! It's just like an alcoholic inviting you to happy hour for the appetizer specials (lol)! I am going to do better; however, those that know me know that I sleep and shower in's just who I am...DON'T JUDGE ME (lol).

Well, I have some new inventory that I think many will be pleased with and I plan to showcase all that I have at the Spring Fashion Mixer on the 24th. (I will try not to keep too much for myself). The website is coming along well and I'd like to thank those that have already placed orders for Easter. I know some are still waiting for my girls' earrings to come in. I am expecting a shipment on next week and will get them posted to the website as soon as possible. Well, I need to get off of here and get some work done, so have a wonderful weekend and consider us the next time you purchase accessories!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

So I finally got the website up...

Can you believe that I actually managed to complete the website? Take a look and tell me what you think!

I'm really excited about it and not because I figured out how to use the template (sticking my tongue out), but because of the mechandise that I get to share with everyone! Buying for others has been a fantastic experience. I can't say that I thought I would enjoy it as much as finding a treasure for myself, but I DO! I have to shop with a different frame of mind rather than always thinking about what would look good on me. I've done this on occasions where people ask me to assist them in putting together an outfit or help them make a closet classic look like something they just bought. All I can say is fun, fun, fun!

I'm uploading the site with some new merchandise that I've received this week...if you saw me any this week, I was wearing some of it! (lol). I am trying to branch out into more casual pieces for my casual customers, but I will continue to carry those timeless pieces that many of my more conservative business women like to purchase. I don't think there is anything wrong with spicing it up sometimes!

SPRING IS NEAR!!!! Don't miss out on the Spring Fashion Mixer being hosted by myself and Traci, the creator and designer for the 7952 DbT Collection. Check her out at It is going to be a wonderful event to come and network and SHOP!!! We hope to see you there! Details are on Facebook or you can contact me at!

Don't forget to save A Classy Closet as a favorite so you remember to shop with us!!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Figuring it out!

Have you ever had so many things going that your excitement won't let you rest? Well I've gotten passed that part and now I'm just enjoying watching the online boutique come together!

I've managed to create a website that I am proud of (thank God for a template)! You're welcome to check it out and post comments on my blog.

I am also really happy with the merchandise that I am selling. I managed to make some really good contacts while in New York and the shipments have been coming in regularly with merchandise that I am loving! So far I have received great responses from those that have made purchases locally. I also received my first online order in yesterday! YYYEEEAAAAAAA!!!! I'm figuring things out and I'm having the most exciting time doing it! I always say that it's not the final destination, but the journey that puts everything into perspective!

By the way, my favorite accessory this week is a two-tone costume bracelet with pear-shaped crystal tips.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Trying to build my own website...(and pulling my little hair out)!!!

Okay, so most of you know the one thing that I am not that great at is sitting down and focusing on one thing. Multi-tasking has always been a great strength of mine, but I tell you... this website stuff is really putting my patience to the test. Don't get me wrong...I am really enjoying it because I like to build things, but figuring out the software as you go is booger! Did I say I was excited??? Well, I AM!!!

The jewerly and bags have done really, really well. I am planning to have a event soon that will allow everyone to come out and meet others that make and sell fashionable items. I've never been one to be really trendy, yet I maintain my personal style extremely well (wink)! Can you tell I'm having a blast?

Okay, so I'm going to get off of here and get back to working on this site...wish me luck!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Love the jewelry?

Well I can't say that I'm only a jewelry lover, but a lover of accessories! My snake skinned bags came in the mail today from NYC and I am so excited to see the reaction of my customers! I will take some pictures to post when I completely unpack the box. I thought that I bought enough jewelry while in the city, but I guess not! Most of it has already been purchased just from random visits by friends!...who would have thought?

I appreciate all who have patronized A Classy Closet and will continue to stock your favorite accessories. I will be reordering next week, so if you are looking for something particular, please email me at

We'll talk more about accessories another time because I have to get your opinion about the practice of wearing a gorgeous necklace, but no earrings....

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Successful trip to NYC...

While I was in NYC for a sad occasion, I was able to break away from everything and make it to a few showrooms in the garmet district and to meet some jewelry distributors. I brought back some jewelry pieces that I am really pleased with and I am very optimistic about the beginnings of A Classy Closet Boutique! Most of the jewelry will be available from me directly, on the website (when I finish it) and at the Nail Parlor located in Homewood, AL. I am planning to have some sort of event to really kick things off and see what people are most interested in.

My personal shopping endeavors have just been amazing. The clients are coming in and it is still sinking in how much clients really appreciate having someone help them complete their look. I have to say that I am really happy to do it.


Saturday, January 7, 2012

Who knew this would be such a great journey?...and it isn't over!

Writing is a passion that I discovered in the 1st grade and never really thought about doing anything with it as I matured and continued to write. Don't get me wrong...there have been sooooooooooo many interesting things to write about...I just never took the time to think anything through enough for it to make sense to pen. A girlfriend of mine (Traci), suggested that I create a blog to talk about my baking and I did. It has been the most theraputic endeavor yet! And to be able to write to an open audience about the things that interest's great!

Now that I've got that off of my chest (exhale)...I will tell you that personal shopping for people is not something that I chose to do, or even something that I thought I would be good at. I'm one of those people that is confident in my personal look, therefore I have no problem putting things together for selecting clothing and accessories for other people...that's something totally different! It has taken me a while to walk that tight rope between not changing a person's style, but updating it to their comfort level. There is nothing worst than wasted time and money, and seeing a person that you have worked with for weeks on end to update their closet, only to see a month later that they are looking the same exact way they were before they became a client! If a client is comfortable with their look, nothing goes to waste!