Saturday, March 10, 2012

OMG!!!...'s almost March 24th! Things have just been miraculous! I am sitting here at my office at home and my the floor is covered with boxes of "stuff!" The problem is...I have a tendency to open each box just to see what's in it and then the show begins! Why do I walk around my house like I am the actual jewelry mannequin!!! (LMBO)! I said that if I don't top keep stuff, you all will never see it on the website or anywhere else for that matter. But I have fooled myself into believing that if I like it, my clients will like it too! It's just like an alcoholic inviting you to happy hour for the appetizer specials (lol)! I am going to do better; however, those that know me know that I sleep and shower in's just who I am...DON'T JUDGE ME (lol).

Well, I have some new inventory that I think many will be pleased with and I plan to showcase all that I have at the Spring Fashion Mixer on the 24th. (I will try not to keep too much for myself). The website is coming along well and I'd like to thank those that have already placed orders for Easter. I know some are still waiting for my girls' earrings to come in. I am expecting a shipment on next week and will get them posted to the website as soon as possible. Well, I need to get off of here and get some work done, so have a wonderful weekend and consider us the next time you purchase accessories!

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