Friday, March 8, 2019

A Classy Closet Welcomes Curvy Central to the Family

During the forming of what is now known as A Classy Closet Boutique, I purposely made sure that we had options for curvy women. My weight has fluctuated over the years and at one point, I scaled up to a size 16-18. Fortunately for me, during that period in my life, I wasn’t in the head space to really care about being trendy. My focus was getting over the emotional hump of a bad relationship and buying clothes that did not make me feel even worse. So unlike most, I started venturing into more bright colors and loving knits. It was then that I realized that I liked the way certain clothing looked on me than when I was slimmer. And of course, there were cuts of clothing that I could no longer wear comfortably that were great with I was slimmer.

Anyway, Curvy Central has been permeating in my mind for years. I guess I have to admit that when I opened the first brick and mortar, I really wanted it to be an exclusive plus size store. I struggled with doing that because the curvy ladies didn’t think I was curvy (enough) to sell apparel for them. All I can say is THANK GOD FOR MATURATION! I cared then…I don’t now…LMBO! Curvy Central will carry sizes all the way to 6X..yes, I said it…6X! Everyone deserves to have access to the cuteness and the hotness…lol. Seriously, this brings me so much joy. Our debut selections for the spring make me smile.

I am just so happy and I certainly hope you are! If you aren’t…COME TO A CLASSY CLOSET & CURVY CENTRAL…and grab yourself a happy dress, some happy jewelry or a happy hat!

Curvy Central will be available at online at and In-Store at 119 N. Main St., Lowell, NC 28098 at the end of this month. All Curvy Closet inventory will be moved under our Curvy Central brand. A Classy Closet will now only consist of sizes Small to X-Large.

We can wait to see you this spring!

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