Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Setting your sights on the Spring, while settling into Winter

Settling into your winter wardrobe can give your anxiety as your mind wants to wonder into spring. Depending on where you are geographically, you have a few more month of cold weather. This is the perfect time to purge or resale all of your winter items that have aged. I’m sure you picked up something new during all of the holiday sales and as gifts. If you added two sweaters to your inventory, find one to give away or resale. Doing this for articles of clothing, jewelry and accessories allows your keep your closet fresh, declutter and possibly make some extra cash on the side. There is nothing worse than making discoveries of items with tags still affixed because your items don’t have a designated place. Your drawers shouldn’t be hard to open and close, your clothes should be wrinkled on the hanger because they have no room to actually hang (rolling my eyes). Treat you items like you want them to last forever, although we know they won’t, but they WILL last much longer with proper care…as with anything. If you feel that I’m am speaking to you directly…get to purging! You will see that the result if having a closet that houses items you are happy to select from. This is ultimately where you want to be. You don’t want to pick over items that you’ve paid good money for, but don’t want to wear. Let’s reflect and be real with ourselves. The primary reasons we don’t want to purge:

(1)   I’m going to lose the weight – Okay…but until you do, get rid of it! These items are taking up valuable space that can be used for items that you can ACTUALLY wear. Stop walking around with clothes on that are too small. No…it’s not cute…you look larger than you actually are and uncomfortable.

(2)   I can still wear it, but I really don’t go out like I used to – Okay…keep 1-2 outfits on ice for those special occasions, but GET RID of the rest. You could consign these items or sell them online and generate some extra income. You aren’t going to start going out more frequent just because you have clothes you need to wear; it typically does not work that way. There is nothing that precludes you from buying something to wear with the time comes or renting some (checkout the Rent the Runway app...I am all about saving a dollar).

(3)   I’ve had these for years and I can still wear them – Ladies and gents…how about refreshing the closet with some newer and more trendy items. We all know that styles always come back around, but not exactly the same way. Just because plaid was in 10 years ago and now plaid is back, the way that it is being styled is different. If you don’t want to part with the plaid shirt, trade the large belt and bell bottom for a cute vest and some skinnies. You can still purge, yet stay within your comfort zone.

(4)   I’m going to take my boots and get them fix – If you haven’t worn those boots all season and they are not CURRENTLY at the shoe shop…purge them! Most women love shoes and we run out of places to store them. If we really looked at their condition bi-annually, we would be able to manage our inventory without the overflow. Ask yourself, how many of them are in wearable condition? And please, do yourself a favor by not including those with scuffed heels and toes (blink, blink)…thank you!

Let’s not make excuses for having the hoarder’s closet, but instead prep our closets for new spring arrivals. Managing our storage space for our prized possessions only leads us to happiness when we find new “must haves”.

Use this time wisely and enjoy the last couple of months of boot and sweaters season!  Check out for great fashion finds (wink). Shop 1/18/19-1/21/2019 and use coupon code: ITSCOLD for 30% off our entire inventory, online and in-store.

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