Monday, January 13, 2014

New Year, New You

Have you already begun taking advantage of all of the end-of-the-year sales and buying items that you wouldn’t normally get if they were regular price? No worries, I’m guilty too! 

The one thing that I warn against is buying sale items to up-style pieces you already have. Let me caveat that statement by saying all classic pieces must STAY! LOL! All girls know not to ever remove that perfect pair of jeans, the classic white blouse, the curve-cinching black dress and so on. Some pieces transition in and out of any seasonal trend. 

What I am referring to is buying the newest spring cardigan to pair with that old washed-out tank top and the linty classic black pencil skirt. Please don’t do it! After a blistery winter, everyone is looking forward to breaking out the colors, so go all out. Buy some satin tanks and a couple of printed midi skirts and see what a difference a couple of new outfits make! Thanks to midi skirts, you don’t have to go shorter to look sexy. In case you don’t want to wear the midi skirt, show off your curves instead with a fitted midi. I typically purchase mine from or from, of course.

I strongly suggest not buying items just because they are on sale. Those items typically live a long, boring life in a corner somewhere or in the back of a drawer, then ending their pitiful lives in the Goodwill bag. Don’t do it to your wallet and to that article of clothing. Practice buying items that you can’t live without and you will eventually end up with a wardrobe that you get the most use out of for the least cost. 

I know you’re saying, the least cost? Yes, don’t waste money on clothes and shoes just because of a sale. Change your philosophy. I love a great sale, but if I don’t see an item that causes an “OMG” reaction, I don’t buy it. If I have to look at it for too long, I don’t buy it. You want your closet to contain items that complete your personality on any day of the week. For example, I jumped in the car today to show a new neighbor where our neighborhood park and recreation center was. I typically go through mail, wash clothes, and complete other tasks preparing for my Monday, so I had on a pair of black Torrid leggings with a floral pattern, an oversized off-shoulder sweatshirt from Old Navy and tiger-print newsboy hat that I purchased from D’Trespa Consignment in Homewood, AL. Well, I glanced at myself in the sun visor mirror and smiled. I LOVE MYSELF!!!!!!!!!! This was definitely not the outfit that I would hope to get spotted in by my non-existent future husband, but I topped off the “run out of the house” outfit with some lip gloss, grabbed my favorite Poshmark find L.A.M.B. bag and headed to the park!

Discipline yourself ladies and take advantage of the sale. Don’t let it take advantage of you! Snag the right items from the racks and RENEW YOU!

Happy New Year from A Classy Closet Boutique!

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