Thursday, December 20, 2012

Do you have a vision?

I could rant and rave about women that are not happy no matter what they wear, but I'm not. You have different categories of women have those that never know what they're going to wear even if it's just to bed. You have some who know what kind of look they want to go for, but are too bashful to actually wear the outfit in public. You have those whose self-esteem doesn't allow them to look bad in anything. Then you have the woman that thinks they know what looks good on them but are so uncomfortable with themselves that they add a new piece to their closet once a year and waist everybody's time all year long.

Guess's okay! Have a bad attitude because you're mad at yourself for looking the way you do or put your pride aside get some assistance. The Salesperson didn't do anything to you! Why don't you help her or your personal shopper out by sharing your vision of the look you are trying to achieve? I have a better one, why don't you go buy some GUTS to help you implement the assistance you've been given by them already! LOL!!! (I am writing this laughing and envisioning someone wearing their first body conscious dress to a party and sitting down the entire time). One of the worst things we can do as women is waste a great outfit! Why??? Don't be scared!

Let me guess, some of you are thinking that I am talking about inappropriate dress...I'm not. You would be surprised at the number of women who think its slutty to wear a red dress or red shoes. It's all about your thinking and your posture when stepping out. Red worn tastefully is a color that packs power and femininity.

Have a vision of the look you want to achieve and make strides to make it your own. This goes for your hair, nails, posture and even your way of thinking. The year 2013 is fast approaching and it's time to live your best life looking exactly the way you want to!

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