Sunday, July 8, 2012

So much to talk about...

I must admit that I have not kept you all up-to-date on everything that has happened since I opened the doors to the Boutique back on May 12th. I will promise to do better because my memory does not serve me well most times and you shouldn't be left out! (lol)

So, what has inspired the post for today is this article that I read in the Birmingham News while drinking my fake coffee (smile). Yes, I call my favorite drink from Starbucks fake coffee - white chocolate mocha, non-fat w/o whip's so smoooooth! (lol) Anyway, since yesterday was a slow day at the Boutique due to many people being out of town for the holiday, I decided to actually sit out front before opening today and enjoy my (fake) coffee while reading the newspaper. When was the last time you read a NON-VIRTUAL newspaper?????

Well there was this piece in the Sweet Home section that caught my attention because it focused on something that I love...SCARVES! The title was "Summer scarves polish, add flair or color to a wardrobe." I agreed with EVERYTHING Tracy Robinson wrote expect for "scarves look best when paired with clothing that is uncomplicated and otherwise unembellished." Reason being is because if you all know anything about me or my store...I LOVE EXTRA! Embellishments, ruffles, prints, bling...(in my Christy Johnson voice) LOVE, LOVE, ABSOLUTELY LOVE! I will take a second to say that I understand what she meant, but I think that scarves as an accessory should not be limited to certain types of outfits. I think that the scarf should be chosen based on what a person is wearing and not the other way around.

I really appreciated this article because I have summer scarves in my store that only a few people have looked at and I think it's only because they don't know when, how and where to wear them. I wear scarves in the place of necklaces depending on the type of look that I'm going for. Whether you're the conservative type or more of a trend setter, there is a scarf for you!

Who would think that I would be talking about scarves in the summer? I didn't! However, it is that one accessory that is timeless, seasonless, and always appropriate if worn properly.

I've attached a picture of the summer scarves available in-store at A Classy Closet's Boutique.

Until next time, keep it Classy!

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