Saturday, January 7, 2012

Who knew this would be such a great journey?...and it isn't over!

Writing is a passion that I discovered in the 1st grade and never really thought about doing anything with it as I matured and continued to write. Don't get me wrong...there have been sooooooooooo many interesting things to write about...I just never took the time to think anything through enough for it to make sense to pen. A girlfriend of mine (Traci), suggested that I create a blog to talk about my baking and I did. It has been the most theraputic endeavor yet! And to be able to write to an open audience about the things that interest's great!

Now that I've got that off of my chest (exhale)...I will tell you that personal shopping for people is not something that I chose to do, or even something that I thought I would be good at. I'm one of those people that is confident in my personal look, therefore I have no problem putting things together for selecting clothing and accessories for other people...that's something totally different! It has taken me a while to walk that tight rope between not changing a person's style, but updating it to their comfort level. There is nothing worst than wasted time and money, and seeing a person that you have worked with for weeks on end to update their closet, only to see a month later that they are looking the same exact way they were before they became a client! If a client is comfortable with their look, nothing goes to waste!

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